The Spirit of Water 💧

Find your Element and find your Dharma.

We all have a personal Element. One that resonates within our Soul more than the rest.

Mine has always been Water.

Water. Bringer of flow, of magic, of healing and transformation.

That which penetrates, surrounds, cleanses, clears and smooths the roughest of edges.

Womb of Life. Mother of All.

The Oceanic Scrye Bowl of the Universe that tells all to Astronauts and Marine Biologists.

The Element of the Angel Gabriel.

It was summers’ end when I went to the Atlantic seaboard and found a young Priestess to place this design on my shoulder as my formal consecration to the Creatrix of a thousand names: Tara. Yemaya. Kwan Yin. Venus Aphrodite. Mary, Star of the Sea. I stood at the edge of the womb of the Goddess and promised my Self to Her as Her daughter, as Her Child of the Universe, and never once looked back.

I collect sea water, rain water, storm water and dewdrops. Each for a particular healing purpose. At times, I carry a vial of storm water with me for protection.

I combine different waters with various herbs and flowers in the making and pouring of healing candles, each with their own intention and prayer.

And my fondest memory as a little girl, no more than 4 years old, was setting a small white porcelain bowl of water at the foot of a Mary statue in my Great-Grandmother’s garden. I vividly recall my small fingers carefully plucked white rose petals from her cupped hands and floated them on the water’s surface. The petals appeared as iridescent seashells as the summer sun glistened upon their delicate skin like a pastel rainbow.

I’ve held the vision deep inside my heart all these years. Now, I wear these hues that penetrate my flesh like a water colour rainbow of healing energy.

It has become my mark. My symbol. The representation of my Dharma. And we all have a Dharma, a purpose. Exploring the Elements can lead us to it, like the spirit of water led me to mine. Find your Element and find your Dharma, and don’t look back. Move forward inside the beauty of it. Be one with it. Live inside your Soul, inside the Universe. Be free.

And so it was. And so it is.


– Rhiannon

Power. It’s Personal.

F9FA8C93-EBFF-434E-9644-A294C8473DBF.jpegIt was 1992, and my husband’s new work took us to the East Coast where he oversaw the 5 co-gen power plants in Manhattan, Greenwich, Boston, Baltimore, and Philadelphia to maintain EPA compliance. He was brilliant and handsome, an intellectual Leo with solid earth aspects, which is why I married him. We had long, long conversations about power. Co-gen power. Nuclear power. Solar power….and Magic.  I was a young mother and licensed professional living in Greenwich Connecticut at the time, and staying home raising a family.  We lived in an old stone house, a former tavern on the Mianus River, and had one child in kindergarten and another in the oven. There were old spirits in the house and along the forest banks of the river who presented themselves from time to time, and particularly at full moon.  They made their way from their boats on the river and into my kitchen in the wee hours of the morning. It was not unusual for me to lay in bed with the bright moonlight shining through my window and hear the kitchen door squeak open to footsteps creaking along the old wooden floors and into the kitchen. They were typically followed by the rattle of pots and pans.  If they became too ruckus and I felt my husband stirring, then I was forced out of bed and to sage and sweep them out through the front door and back to the forest river. After a while, one of them was most helpful in assisting me with my spell work. I got to know them, and they got to know me. And my husband and I continued with our conversations about power. We sat by the hearth, snuggled into the overstuffed floral chintz fireside chairs, with our toes rubbing up against each other on a shared matching ottoman. The EPA was paying close attention to the nuclear power plants in Chernobyl at the time.

”Imagine being able to harness that potential inside yourself.” He said.

“You mean, like bringing earth and sun energy into the solar chakra?”

”I’m not sure what you mean. Explain.”he challenged me.

”Use your imagination for a moment. In your mind’s eye, bring the earth energy, the co-gen energy  stored in the gas and coal created from the very center of the earth’s fire and ore, up through your feet and into your belly, and fill your solar chakra with it. Then bring the solar energy from the universe through the top of your head and down into the solar chakra and fill it with solar energy. Now, spin it. Spin it out through your entire body right into the cellular level to your DNA helix. Spin and weave the combined earth and solar energy through every level of the helix and into each protein component, illuminating each piece of genetic information. It would be a journey of self discovery.”

”I see what you’re saying.  That’s a  personal power journey, both spiritual and ancestral. That’s damned primal.”

The kitchen door squeaked open just then, and the oak floorboards creaked.

To be continued…

copyright @2019

✨🦉Meditation: 04/04/19. Dark Moon Opportunity: Aries conjunct Sun. Releasing Unconscious Baggage✨

04/04/19 Dark Moon conjunct Sun in the 1st House

Today’s Dark Moon is 3° into the first house, Aries, ruled by Mars, and conjunct to the Sun at 14°. The first house addresses the early aspects of our life and offers opportunity for spiritual and emotional re-birth.This is a powerful and aggressive dark moon in Aries, a perfect celestial moment for identifying, cleansing, clearing and releasing our unconscious emotions of fear, irrational anger, guilt and shame that haunt us, create self sabotage and generally block our paths keeping us from our true self and true purpose. It’s the unconscious baggage we carry, put upon us by others early in our life, perhaps in utero, certainly in early childhood, reaching back into past lives.
As the mind has a difficult time releasing emotions, the body releases them with ease and grace.
Perform a Dark Moon meditation by setting your intention to release your . Unconscious emotional baggage. Implement the Zazen technique of emptying your mind completely. Do this in Child Pose. Hold, stretch, repeat until you feel a sense of calm and freedom throughout your body. Trust your Self. Journal the experience directly afterwards. You have much to reflect on.

Photo credit: Chinese Lunar satellite DSLWP-B (Longjiang-2)

✨🦉Manifestation: 🌕 Full Moon Opportunity⚜️

✨02/19/19, 0947hrs. EST.

Sun in Pisces, Full Moon in Virgo ♓️🌕♍️
North node in Cancer trine Uranus in the 1st house and Pluto in the 10th house.

With the Sun conjunct Mercury in the dreamy depths of Pisces / 12th house ruled by Neptune, and the Moon gone solo within Virgo’s practical healing 6th house, ruled by Mercury, the heavens pause the Wheel for a deeply creative state of artistic and healing self-expression brought into every day life.
Here, you will discover answers on how to bring your fantasies, dreams and visions into the material, practical world for enjoyment, personal gratification and profit.

Deep reflections of personal growth and development and the politics of Soul emerges. Here we will begin significant work to transform and heal the painful illusions of personal shame and guilt experiences into bravery, courage and healthy Self love.
It’s a perfect celestial moment to sketch that portrait of your future self, or a desired outcome of a beloved project, and discover your own unique path of arrival.

Meditate on your vision. Bring it to a pinpoint in your mind’s eye and release the emotional fire of your heart’s desire into the heavens.

It’s an “As above, So below” moment! Let your Self go there!

Namaste 🕊

✨🦉Manifestation: 🌒New Moon Opportunity⚜️

✨02/04/2019, 1604hrs. EST

🌑♒️New Moon in Aquarius, Conjunct Mercury, Sun in Aquarius. Mars Trine Pluto and North Node in Cancer.

With the New Moon in Aquarius, conjunct Mercury, this is prime time to get behind the lower mind and be centered within the soul. Here you can watch from your seat of center, observing how your thoughts are creating your reality. Big love Aquarius will support you in filtering through the chaotic thoughts and memory bubbles you’ve been ruminating over and holding onto that have been creating pain and suffering in your life.

Mars Trine Pluto and North Node in Cancer provides the complement energy aspect that supports going within to your seat of soul and changing your future karma. This is a perfect celestial moment to identify the thought structures and memories and their emotional aspects that keep you in chains of fear and hold you back from joy and serenity. Observe them all from your seat of center in meditation, then open up your heart chakra wide and move through them to set yourself free. Namaste🕊

☀️✨Meditation: Healing Astrology🕊 04/11/18. Chiron in the 1st House Aspected to Transit of Moon in Pisces🌿 From the Ashes of Doubt and Pain, the Phoenix Takes Flight.

🌿Healing Astrology🕊

04/11/18. Chiron in the 1st House Aspected to Transit of Moon in Pisces🌿 From the Ashes of Doubt and Pain, the Phoenix Takes Flight.

Natal Chiron in Aries ♐️ ♈️

Chiron, the Wounded Healer. You’ve got everything it takes to Win⚜️

The Sun entered Aries on 03/21/18, bringing Chiron’s arrow into the core of our energy, power, voice and life’s purpose. Combined with a healing Moon in Pisces, this Martian influence acts as a light saber, illuminating our personal power as it cauterizes the childhood wounds that bleed self doubt and unworthiness. From these ashes, the Phoenix of Self Empowerment takes flight. We are transformed with unstoppable warrior confidence and personal self esteem and shift out of victim mode into a voice full of transformative healing power and influence. Collectively and individually our awareness will heighten over the next ten years as Chiron transits through Aries on 04/17/18 and remains until 2027. Collectively, we’re seeing Chiron in Aries emerging through various social movements, e.g #MeToo, #MarchForOurLives, #AllLivesMatter, #WomensMarch, #TaxMarch and the shift to Sustainable Ecology and Veganism. Here is where Chiron aggressively heals individuals, families, neighborhoods, societies, ecological environments, and socio-economic and political paradigms. Chiron in Aries equalizes the playing field with the cosmic reality that every sentient being has the right to exist, to live and to thrive in love, joy, peace and abundance.

For those of us whose natal chart is graced with Chiron in Aries, the Universe calls upon you now to take up your sword of leadership, claim your Voice and work from your heart. Your first obligation is to heal those childhood wounds that gave you the illusion, the completely false belief, that you have no power. This is done by clearing and strengthening intrapersonal communication with inner Self and the spiritual Voice within to achieve strong Self direction and Self regulation. This enhances Self awareness and belonging to the Universe, allowing access to Source Power.

From this strength and knowledge, you will embrace your own heart Source power and lead. Aries moves with speed, like the Eight of Wands, and you’ll blaze right through those painful wounds once you point your Light Sword in their direction. It won’t take long before you’re clear on the other side of the pain and in flight, soaring through the vibrations of Love and Light, and forging a better world.

Blessed be. 🕊

Chiron in Aries Healing Meditation ♐️♈️

Yoga Candle: Healing.

Yoga Pose: Virabhadrasana III.

Music: Solfeggio 384 Hz.(Communication frequency).

Chakras: Throat / Vishudda.

Chakra Tone: HAM (vowel i as in fly), Keynote G.

Color: Blue.

Crystal: Aquamarine, Angelite, Lapis, Celestine.

Herbal/Floral: Red Clover Blossom Tea.

Energy Meditation:

Healing and Empowering the Inner Voice within the Throat Chakra.

Begin by encircling your self in a blue flame of protection. Set your boundaries that only positive, healing energies may come into your sacred space.

1. Make an Energy Path. Drop a brilliant crystalline blue cord from above through the crown chakra. Center it through the brow, throat, heart, solar, belly chakras, down into the root chakra, and ground and anchor it into Earth’s core.

2. Focus on your throat chakra. Seated within it’s center is your spiritual Voice with the power, clarity and truth of your life purpose.

3. Bring a Love cord connection from the heart chakra to the throat chakra to open it’s center and release your inner Voice.

4. Begin toning and humming as you open it’s deep center.

5. Trust your self. Whatever feelings, thoughts, memories, events or persons and past lives you find inside this chakra core are correct.

6. Bring a vibrational wellspring of spiritual healing water from the Earth up through the root chakra, belly chakra, solar chakra, heart chakra and directly into the core of the throat chakra, bathing, dissolving and healing the memories and false beliefs of Self as you tone. Carry the vibrational healing waters into the brow chakra, spinning it through the pineal gland, where it will heal and cleanse the perseverating memories. Within the spinning waters, your spiritual Light Sword will emerge. Take hold of the Light Sword with both hands.

7. Open your mouth and sound this mantra: “I Am the Power of Love and Light. I Am the Power of Truth and Clarity. I Am the Abundance of the Universe, and I Am Enough.”

8. Spin the healing waters through the throat chakra and through the entire body to the DNA helix, transforming the body on a cellular level, neutralizing memories and false beliefs of Self held in the body.

9. Go back to the throat chakra and send a connection cord of crystalline blue light into Source Energy and All Love. Fill your whole Self – mind, heart, body and spirit with this highest vibration of Love. Fill your Light Sword with this highest vibration of Love.

10. Look into your throat chakra now, and bring Source Energy into it, clearing away the residue of false beliefs of Self, like a laser beam, faceting the diamond of your true Self. Stay in the moment within your purpose and power and Love’s highest vibration. Heal and nurture your Self with Loving kindness within the blue flame circle of protection all around you. Wherever you point your Light Sword, you will send your Power and Intent. Use your Light Sword and your Power responsibly. Blessed be. 🕊


When the Sun shines on your Chiron Aspect – what do you get? A golden opportunity!

When the Sun is shining in the same astrological house as your natal Chiron, it illuminates the heavy lessons you came into this lifetime to learn, heal and fulfill – the woundings, weaknesses, behavioral challenges and struggles.

A good spiritual healing Astrologer can identify those natal wounds and glitches you were born to experience, AND show you your natal edge – your natural-born strengths and celestial strategies in your astrological arsenal to cope with and overcome them, and eventually make them work for you. Where is your Chiron? What are your Aspects to Chiron?

An individual’s various natal aspects will determine how those lessons play out during a lifetime with specific power gifts and challenges, hurdles to overcome and hoops to jump through.

Your individual planetary Aspects to Chiron in your natal chart are important. Think of them as the street signs on the astrological highway of your life that allow you to identify and actualize your life’s purpose. ⚜️✨☀️🕊


Reference: Motherpeace Tarot (Noble, Vogel. HarperCollins 1981) is the official tarot of White Mare Sanctuary.

Vernal Equinox 2018 ☀️WMS⚜️celebrates 16th Anniversary

Today, Vernal Equinox 2018, is the 16th anniversary of WMS⚜️. Our mission is, and always will be the spiritual empowerment of Women for a higher world vision. Named after a universal mythological symbol of magical womanspirit, the white mare is woman unleashed, wild and free, powerful and strong, self-directed, a magical being. She represents Matriarchy and female spiritual warriorhood. She is inherent woman-power reclaimed, moving forward with her Sister vision of a peaceful, loving world where poverty is eradicated and all have enough. Where every mouth is fed, every heart and soul nurtured, every home and community is safe, and every individual has education, healthcare and livelihood. Where womens rights are human rights, and there is true justice for all.
🌎⚖️🕊👸🏿👸👸🏾👸🏼👸🏽Blessed be.