✨Preparing for Winter Solstice 🌲✨🌞December 20-21st ❄️

~ a winter solstice altar ~

✨O’ Goddess!

Give to me your magic

at your Solstice birthing Light.

When the darkest night arrives

and your Holly King takes his flight.

You birth and suckle your Solstice babe,

and bring forth all that’s bright.

O’ Goddess

Illuminate our hearts

with your promise of beginnings anew.

As the Wheel turns

and births us

to the Self

which is most true. ✨

To the ancient Celts, sunlight meant survival. Ancient civilizations who endured the harshness of winter found hope and the joyful promise of warmth in the arrival of winter solstice, The December solstice, which occurs on December 21 this year, 1559hrs UTC, marks the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. On the December solstice, the Sun reaches its southernmost position in the sky, no matter where on Earth you happen to be. In the Northern Hemisphere, the daylight increases a bit more each day. Lengthening from a mere 7 to 8 hours of light daily until peaking at summer solstice, the longest day, with about 15 hours of light. And from there, the days become shorter again until, little by little, we arrive once more at winter solstice.

photo credit: NASA

The ancient neolithic Celts created stone circles that aligned with the solstices.

The 3000 BCE stone circle at Rhone-Alpes, at the little St. Bernard Pass is 236 feet in diameter and 7185 feet above sea level. There are 46 low stones, with a group of three large stones aligned to the point where the sun sets at solstice.

Rhone -Alps Stone Circle c. 3000 BCE

The Insular Celts created womb-like monuments and megaliths that fill with the morning light of solstice, like Stonehenge, where the sun light shines directly into the center of the womb-like circle from the Southwest on solstice morning. At Newgrange, the sunlight shines through a rather small opening, a roofbox, illuminating an ancient underground womb-like stone chamber on solstice morning.

Newgrange at Winter Solstice 2021. photo credit: Office of Public Works, Ireland

To our inner lives, the winter solstice brings the vibrations of earth energies and light that penetrates the darkness in our psyche, heart and soul. Penetrates our psyche’s layers, just as the light of the solstice sun penetrates and illuminates the darkest time of the year.

Here, we find opportunity to re-birth our new Selves in the stillness of winter, follow the seasonal vibration and cycle of the now slow and silent earth.

Here, in the stillness of our innerscape, we will discover unknown aspects of ourselves, new goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations for the coming harvest of our life. Here, we gestate, create and give birth within the cauldron of our psyche.

Winter Solstice creates the womb of sacred space for us to spin and weave our new, intimate story by the hearth fire of our heart.

~Winter Solstice Evening Meditation~

Create sacred space.

Call in the Goddess of Light

Within the sacred space, place a mirror and a lit white candle.

Burn a little incense of sage or vervain mixed with pine needles and mistletoe. Dress the white candle with bayberry, and cinnamon oil.

Sit before the mirror and lit candle and look into your reflection in silence.

Study your Self reflection.


Trust your inner Self.


Be with your Self.


See what happens.

Put it in your Journal.

Bright blessings on Your Journey.✨

In Her service, Rhiannon Ostara 🌀

Winter Solstice 2020: Star Magi ✨ 🌀

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in the 11th house, Mercury transits through the 10th house.

Winter Solstice 2020, December 21st, 0809hrs GMT. Stonehenge. photo credit: English Heritage UK.

21 December 2020. Today and forward to Summer Solstice, the Wheel turns with ever growing light and warmth each day as the celestial movement of Mother Earth begins a new agricultural year in the northern hemisphere with the return of the sun and increasing daylight hours. Of note, Jupiter and Saturn have moved out of the 10th house, and into Aquarius’ 11th house.

This Winter Solstice brings a benevolent light with Jupiter and Saturn now transiting into the Aquarian house of big love, sprinkling good fortune and generosity through new visions with old wisdom, into our lives.

It also has the potential to shine perhaps a not-so-welcomed light into Capricorn’s Plutonian cracks and crevices of hidden economic agendas and executive strategies of money, politics and world order.


Intentions, Manifestations and Spell Work most auspicious at Winter Solstice 2020:

•Re-birth of the psyche.

•Shedding of old, worn out behaviors, habits and lifestyles.

•Dreaming new lives, new ways of being and new realities into your existence.

•Planting new thoughts and new ways of being into your mind.

•Listening for the sound of your Inner Voice.

•Creating win-win budgets, economies and charities.

•Seeing and perceiving traditional values benevolently through a new lens of possibilities, visions and paths.

•Getting unstuck.

•Being kinder to your dark side.


Winter Solstice 2020 Celestial Mercurial Message:

Speak your Truth, and Listen carefully to what you tell your Self! Then, read between the lines.


The Return of the Sun God: Celebrations of Earth’s Fertility Goddesses giving birth to sons as bringers of light are stories woven through human consciousness, as evidenced in the research studies of Art, Art History, Archeology and Anthropology.


Celtic Alpine European Ancestry:

Ancient ancestors of the La Tene Culture in neolithic Switzerland’s bronze age c.450bc, brought their nature deities with them as they migrated and eventually dominated trade across Euro Asia until circa 1 b.c. when Rome overtook them.

The La Tene who migrated west had socio-political leaders, the Druids, who kept no written records, but rather, committed all to memory, passing the heritage down from generation to generation. They’ve left us with their designs of nature deities and sacred spirals and woven knottings laid into the metal of their warrior shields, swords, torcs, brooches, urns, bowls and jewelry. About 2500 artifacts were excavated at Lake Neuchatel, near Bern, where Archeologists date these artifacts to 1 to 2 b.c.

These same repeating patterns of curvilinear and geometric lines and spiral designs eventually made their way westward through France to insular Britain. Archaeologists continue to discover artifacts and ruins of the tribes of the ancient Celts in these lands. In addition, excavations in Sion, Switzerland, revealed megaliths dating back to 6400 b.c.

All remnants of an ancient culture who brought the love and reverence of Nature into their daily lives.

Today’s Neo-Pagan and Neo-Druid Arts carry on the old ways.

Oftentimes, we do find one another.“Sister, I have known you of old. Brother, I have known you of old.”

Blessed be 🕊🌀