Winter Solstice 2020: Star Magi ✨ 🌀

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in the 11th house, Mercury transits through the 10th house.

Winter Solstice 2020, December 21st, 0809hrs GMT. Stonehenge. photo credit: English Heritage UK.

21 December 2020. Today and forward to Summer Solstice, the Wheel turns with ever growing light and warmth each day as the celestial movement of Mother Earth begins a new agricultural year in the northern hemisphere with the return of the sun and increasing daylight hours. Of note, Jupiter and Saturn have moved out of the 10th house, and into Aquarius’ 11th house.

This Winter Solstice brings a benevolent light with Jupiter and Saturn now transiting into the Aquarian house of big love, sprinkling good fortune and generosity through new visions with old wisdom, into our lives.

It also has the potential to shine perhaps a not-so-welcomed light into Capricorn’s Plutonian cracks and crevices of hidden economic agendas and executive strategies of money, politics and world order.


Intentions, Manifestations and Spell Work most auspicious at Winter Solstice 2020:

•Re-birth of the psyche.

•Shedding of old, worn out behaviors, habits and lifestyles.

•Dreaming new lives, new ways of being and new realities into your existence.

•Planting new thoughts and new ways of being into your mind.

•Listening for the sound of your Inner Voice.

•Creating win-win budgets, economies and charities.

•Seeing and perceiving traditional values benevolently through a new lens of possibilities, visions and paths.

•Getting unstuck.

•Being kinder to your dark side.


Winter Solstice 2020 Celestial Mercurial Message:

Speak your Truth, and Listen carefully to what you tell your Self! Then, read between the lines.


The Return of the Sun God: Celebrations of Earth’s Fertility Goddesses giving birth to sons as bringers of light are stories woven through human consciousness, as evidenced in the research studies of Art, Art History, Archeology and Anthropology.


Celtic Alpine European Ancestry:

Ancient ancestors of the La Tene Culture in neolithic Switzerland’s bronze age c.450bc, brought their nature deities with them as they migrated and eventually dominated trade across Euro Asia until circa 1 b.c. when Rome overtook them.

The La Tene who migrated west had socio-political leaders, the Druids, who kept no written records, but rather, committed all to memory, passing the heritage down from generation to generation. They’ve left us with their designs of nature deities and sacred spirals and woven knottings laid into the metal of their warrior shields, swords, torcs, brooches, urns, bowls and jewelry. About 2500 artifacts were excavated at Lake Neuchatel, near Bern, where Archeologists date these artifacts to 1 to 2 b.c.

These same repeating patterns of curvilinear and geometric lines and spiral designs eventually made their way westward through France to insular Britain. Archaeologists continue to discover artifacts and ruins of the tribes of the ancient Celts in these lands. In addition, excavations in Sion, Switzerland, revealed megaliths dating back to 6400 b.c.

All remnants of an ancient culture who brought the love and reverence of Nature into their daily lives.

Today’s Neo-Pagan and Neo-Druid Arts carry on the old ways.

Oftentimes, we do find one another.“Sister, I have known you of old. Brother, I have known you of old.”

Blessed be 🕊🌀

An Open Letter to all Novices, Initiates and Daughters of the Craft.

Photo Credit: Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Globe Theatre, 2014

Remember you are magical beings, called to be one with the Energies of this Universe. The Earth is your Mother, from whom you may draw your nourishment. Each one of you are Daughters of the Earth, and Sisters to one another. You carry the energy of creation within the cauldron of your hearts and bodies. Your gifts are channeled through the fire of your heart and intuition. Whichever magical paths and pantheons you choose to walk are neither good nor bad. Rather, it is that which draws you to the beat of your own magical heart and soul that leads you to the learning and awakening. As magical practitioners, and I use this term, as there are many names that describe us, we are always on a continuum of positive and negative energies. Like a pendulum, we swing back and forth, as we learn to harness and direct the energies, until we find our own individual perfect balance. That sweet spot within, where our magic flows freely, in perfectly controlled abandon, giving us full artistic and spiritual expression. That place within our soul where our magic is so deep, rich and refined that we arrive at our destination within moments through our will and intent that rides on the airflow of our creative visualization. No longer needing external matter to maintain focus, as it is now within us, a part of the fabric of our magical bodies.

And there is choice. The choice to harness positive energies brings your journey to a safe destination. There may be times when the application of negative energies are required, as destruction and de-mantling gives way to cleansing and clearing. Keep in mind that what you create and manifest carries a karma for you. Be respectful. Be kind. Remember, we are all one, all connected in this magical web. What you do to one of us, you do to all. Therefore, go forth in compassion towards one another. Support one another whenever the opportunity is presented to you. Speak with kindness to one another. Acknowledge one another’s uniqueness, and learn from one another. Share your magical knowledge freely with one another, that your own lives may be better. Take ownership of your magical actions, and harm none. And most importantly, use your wonderful gifts and powers to channel the energies of love, joy and happiness, hope and healing to your Self and your own precious life, your loved ones, and one another.

In the shadow of the Goddess, Rhiannon 🕊🌀

White Mare Sanctuary, a Sisterhood of the Goddess

Astrological Aspects and Inner Healing during the 2020 Pandemic. 🌿🌞🕊 A time for inner reflection, new healing and re-birth of inner self.

via Astrological Aspects and Inner Healing during the 2020 Pandemic. 🌿🌞🕊 A time for inner reflection, new healing and re-birth of inner self.

Astrological Aspects and Inner Healing during the 2020 Pandemic. 🌿🌞🕊 A time for inner reflection, new healing and re-birth of inner self.


14 May 2020. Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, node, Pluto, Juno, all retrograde, allows a time for inner reflection, re-evaluation of self.

27 May 2020, the newly discovered Comet SWAN reaches closest to Sun Perihelion. Sun in Gemini and Moon in Leo bring clarity and understanding.

31 May 2020. Sun in Gemini and Moon in Virgo during the fragmenting of the Atlas Comet as it circles the sun’s perihelon allows for cleansing, growth and a new spiritual and emotional healing and awareness.


During this time of social distancing and quiet solitude exists an opportunity for a new spiritual awareness of joy.

Within each of us at the spark of conception, every baby is born joyful, excited and immersed in love of self and all, with full expression of heart and soul. As Osho and Steiner teach, love & joy reflect out into the universe as light. It is the Christ light that heals.

Look at a baby’s eyes, filled with light and bursting with the energy of pure love, radiating life force, without limiting beliefs, self-criticism or judgment. Every one of us start out this way, and it doesn’t go away. It’s there, within each one of us, spiraling within in our spiritual center, generated in our solar chakra, our connection to the entire creative universe – that akashic record! That spark and fire of life and joy, that secret within our solar chakra, that radiates into the heart chakra where it is expressed through our emotions. Listen to a baby’s cooing and laughter and feel the joy radiating from it’s heart to yours!

Joy and love and light and interconnectedness. This is our true essence, individually, and collectively.

Depression and loneliness occurs when multiple layers of self-limiting beliefs, self criticism, self- dissatisfaction and even self-hatred, create barriers within us that keep us from our center of joy and love.

Gratitude breaks through the barriers, and initiates the cleansing and clearing process. Makes us aware of the self-limiting beliefs, the scripts that are played over and over again in our psyches, placed there by the thoughts of others in childhood, and along the way of youth to early adulthood. Gratitude peels back layers of the onion until we find that center of joy and self-love, that spark of life that we were born with, our truest self; joy.

The Cosmology of Einstein and Hawkings teaches us that light and energy transcends time and space, and new stars are born as a spark within the nothingness, the stillness.

Meditation stills and distills us, releases the false layers to reveal our center spark of creative joy. This is the secret of smiling from the inside, as the Buddha teaches us.

Joy Affirmation:

I am grateful for my inner spark of joy, love and light. I am grateful for the awareness and cleansing of my layers of self limiting beliefs and the thoughts of others that easily fall away from me, as I experience my true self, my own spark of joy, love, light and interconnectedness to all of life and all sentient beings. And so it is.🌞✨🕊


Welcoming Ostara🌞🌱

Deer brings the soft, gentle breath of spring to refresh and renew our minds and hearts with delicate beauty and grace, with a peacefulness and inner strength that endures the harshness of life’s winters.

Deer’s instinct is keen awareness combined with a quiet swiftness and grace that deftly navigates it away from its predators.

There is no drama with Deer.

Sit inside Deer Energy for a moment. Feel her peace and beauty surrounding you in a warm and loving embrace. Open the door of your heart chakra and find Deer in the meadow within your heart. Approach Deer with soft, quiet steps and politely ask if you may walk beside her today and learn Deer’s medicine. 🦌

Many blessings to you on your journey.✨


⁃ Rhiannon

Deer has no drama.

The Spirit of Water 💧

Find your Element and find your Dharma.

We all have a personal Element. One that resonates within our Soul more than the rest.

Mine has always been Water.

Water. Bringer of flow, of magic, of healing and transformation.

That which penetrates, surrounds, cleanses, clears and smooths the roughest of edges.

Womb of Life. Mother of All.

The Oceanic Scrye Bowl of the Universe that tells all to Astronauts and Marine Biologists.

The Element of the Angel Gabriel.

It was summers’ end when I went to the Atlantic seaboard and found a young Priestess to place this design on my shoulder as my formal consecration to the Creatrix of a thousand names: Tara. Yemaya. Kwan Yin. Venus Aphrodite. Mary, Star of the Sea. I stood at the edge of the womb of the Goddess and promised my Self to Her as Her daughter, as Her Child of the Universe, and never once looked back.

I collect sea water, rain water, storm water and dewdrops. Each for a particular healing purpose. At times, I carry a vial of storm water with me for protection.

I combine different waters with various herbs and flowers in the making and pouring of healing candles, each with their own intention and prayer.

And my fondest memory as a little girl, no more than 4 years old, was setting a small white porcelain bowl of water at the foot of a Mary statue in my Great-Grandmother’s garden. I vividly recall my small fingers carefully plucked white rose petals from her cupped hands and floated them on the water’s surface. The petals appeared as iridescent seashells as the summer sun glistened upon their delicate skin like a pastel rainbow.

I’ve held the vision deep inside my heart all these years. Now, I wear these hues that penetrate my flesh like a water colour rainbow of healing energy.

It has become my mark. My symbol. The representation of my Dharma. And we all have a Dharma, a purpose. Exploring the Elements can lead us to it, like the spirit of water led me to mine. Find your Element and find your Dharma, and don’t look back. Move forward inside the beauty of it. Be one with it. Live inside your Soul, inside the Universe. Be free.

And so it was. And so it is.


– Rhiannon

Self Care is our Birthright🕊

The new waxing 🌘 moon is conjuncting the Evenstar✨

01/26/2020. Sun is in Aquarius with the moon moving into Pisces at 6:44pm, and conjunct Venus. An excellent celestial moment for self-love and nurturance and healing one’s own neuroplasticity. An opportunity to leave old ways of thinking and outdated behaviors behind and creating new neural pathways of healthy roads to healthy goals, behaviors and successes with solid intent and creative visualization. Write a new childhood story, maybe the one you always wanted and never had. A birthing where your parents were aware beings, waiting for your arrival with joy, and welcoming you with love and acceptance into an environment where you are loved and appreciated for your special gifts and talents, nurtured and taught how to use them wisely. Self care is our birthright, and within our reach.

May you be Light! 🌞


✨🦉Yule: Setting Intent ✨🌞

Our family celebrates Yule for 12 days, from Winter Solstice forward. We cast our intentions and turn the Wheel for the coming Solar year on each of the 12 days from December 21st to January 2nd. We take proactive responsibility by lighting a candle to meditate and creatively visualize the intent during the planetary hour of the Sun over the next few weeks, and anticipate the signs and sitings of our first fruits at Imbolc, February 2nd. Watch for hawks and other messenger birds during this time. Pay close attention to your dreams, spirit animals and guides, and follow your heart. 💛

with love and light to you, Rhiannon ✨🦉🌞

☀️✨Meditation: A Winter Solstice Healing Moment🌿🕊

Winter Solstice presents the opportunity for creating a direct experience with the Spirit of Nature by conscious channeling of light through our energy centers. Our DNA helixes are light carriers that glow at various intensities, and carry light, as shown in fluoroscopic studies.

Enjoy the return of the Sun with this Solar meditation. May your be blessed with all healing, balancing and re-calibrating Solar energies.

Namaste’ 🕊

Winter Solstice Healing Meditation ☀️✨🌿

Energy / Intention:Transcendence

Yoga Candle: Healing.

Yoga Pose: Sun Pose/Surya Namaskar

Sound: Solfeggio 963Hz.(Light frequency).

Chakras: Crown / Sahasrara

Chakra Tone: OM, Keynote B.

Color: White, Sunlight.

Crystal: Clear Quartz, Selenite, Diamond

Herbal/Floral: Frankincense, Chamomile Tea.


Superresolution intrinsic fluorescence imaging of chromatin utilizing native, unmodified nucleic acids for contrast.Biqin Dong, Luay M. Almassalha, Yolanda Stypula-Cyrus, Ben E. Urban, John E. Chandler, The-Quyen Nguyen, Cheng Sun, Hao F. Zhang, and Vadim Backman. PNAS August 30, 2016 113 (35) 9716-9721; first published August 17, 2016

Note: This composition was created with love and light in the planetary hour of the Sun.

@WMS. Winter Solstice 2019.☀️⚜️

✨☀️Welcoming the Spirit of Winter Solstice 🕊

The Guardian

Gothor is a white Pine tree of old who faces the north, about a meter from my Hearth. His face is old and wisened, with deep set eyes and heavy brows that emerge from weathered bark to watch over the land. Gothor reaches 15 meters up into the sky, on whose branches, birds and squirrels make their homes in nests of his cuttings, with grass and mud. The tiny creatures move in every spring, have their young, and then take leave when winter comes. It’s nigh on Winter Solstice now in the northern hemisphere, and Gothor’s branches are empty of the little ones he sheltered through to the harvest. He stands majestically in full robes of emerald green, with tinges of golden needles that fall to the dark brown Earth Mother, whom his deep roots have held firm to for hundreds of years. Gothor is intimate with the Mother Earth. His powerful roots plunge, twist, turn, spiral and swirl deep into her warm body that provides nourishment, stability and security for this ancient being who stands watch over Her through many,many moons.

I am becoming intimate with Gothor, who invites my spirit to plunge into his roots, to know Her better. I bring offerings of grain and wine and sit quietly at Gothor’s root, until my consciousness merges with this ancient one, and I follow him down to an awareness of warmth and creativity that fills me with peace and oneness. I hold this sacred space until sound brings me back up to the surface, where a white tailed Doe and her fawn nibble at the soft tree bark. She will arrive with her child from the thicket each day, knowing the abundance of Gothor and the Mother Goddess of Earth awaits her belly. And so I trust, and welcome the coming season of ice and snow squalls brought by the Nor-Easter, knowing full well, as the Doe does, that within the Circle of Nature, the birth of light is upon us, to shine with warmth and abundance once again. And I may take this opportunity to meditate and rest in the stillness, and grow a new light within my heart and spirit. Blessed be.✨💛🕊