An Open Letter to all Novices, Initiates and Daughters of the Craft.

Photo Credit: Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Globe Theatre, 2014

Remember you are magical beings, called to be one with the Energies of this Universe. The Earth is your Mother, from whom you may draw your nourishment. Each one of you are Daughters of the Earth, and Sisters to one another. You carry the energy of creation within the cauldron of your hearts and bodies. Your gifts are channeled through the fire of your heart and intuition. Whichever magical paths and pantheons you choose to walk are neither good nor bad. Rather, it is that which draws you to the beat of your own magical heart and soul that leads you to the learning and awakening. As magical practitioners, and I use this term, as there are many names that describe us, we are always on a continuum of positive and negative energies. Like a pendulum, we swing back and forth, as we learn to harness and direct the energies, until we find our own individual perfect balance. That sweet spot within, where our magic flows freely, in perfectly controlled abandon, giving us full artistic and spiritual expression. That place within our soul where our magic is so deep, rich and refined that we arrive at our destination within moments through our will and intent that rides on the airflow of our creative visualization. No longer needing external matter to maintain focus, as it is now within us, a part of the fabric of our magical bodies.

And there is choice. The choice to harness positive energies brings your journey to a safe destination. There may be times when the application of negative energies are required, as destruction and de-mantling gives way to cleansing and clearing. Keep in mind that what you create and manifest carries a karma for you. Be respectful. Be kind. Remember, we are all one, all connected in this magical web. What you do to one of us, you do to all. Therefore, go forth in compassion towards one another. Support one another whenever the opportunity is presented to you. Speak with kindness to one another. Acknowledge one another’s uniqueness, and learn from one another. Share your magical knowledge freely with one another, that your own lives may be better. Take ownership of your magical actions, and harm none. And most importantly, use your wonderful gifts and powers to channel the energies of love, joy and happiness, hope and healing to your Self and your own precious life, your loved ones, and one another.

In the shadow of the Goddess, Rhiannon 🕊🌀

White Mare Sanctuary, a Sisterhood of the Goddess

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