the ancient art: Goddess 🌀

First offered at Autumn Equinox 2002 to Women and Daughters. This Neophyte and Initiate study focuses on the individual’s spiritual and magical relationship with the female aspect of God, the Intuitive Feminine. Open to all spiritual Paths and Beliefs. Daughters between the ages of 12 to 17 with parental permission.

It is not necessary to have any prior experience in the Magical Arts to take this course of study.

COURSE OF STUDY: a year and a day

The Herstory of God as a Woman.

Choosing your Goddess.

Self Love and Acceptance.

Revealing your Magical Name & Sigil.

Identifying your gifts of Divination.

Identifying your gifts of Magical & Spiritual Healing.

Identifying your gifts of Magical Manifestation

Working with the Elements

Working with Spiritual Guides & Angels

Becoming your Inner Goddess Self

Identifying your Magical Dharma/Purpose.

Identifying your own Magical path, style and/or hereditary tradition.

Timeline: Women study at their own pace and keep a journal. It is imperative to choose a journal and a writing instrument that you find beautiful and pleasing to your spirit. The magic of the written word will carry you on your journey with depth and soul transformation.

Lessons: Because each Woman is an individual, course material will be taught in a spiral fashion, where lessons and topics are re-visited with the Student’s growth and development.

Initiations: There is no such thing as a pass/fail course in spiritual growth and development. We all arrive exactly when we are supposed to.

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