The Goddess Immersions 🌹👑✨

At White Mare Sanctuary, we offer one-on-one transformative immersion programs with gentle gifts of positive energies and healing Magical Arts. Handed down through many generations of our French-Suissan Celtic Alpine family, we are here to assist and guide you to your Authentic Self as you set your foot on your own sacred path. We do this with the utmost respect, ethics, nurturing and acceptance.

The Goddess and High Magic transformative immersion journeys will change the way you feel about your Self, your Life, and your Future. You will emerge into the beauty, dignity and fierceness that has always been within you, masterfully manifesting your desires without shame, guilt or fear.

Whichever Magical Paths and Pantheons you choose to walk are neither good nor bad. Rather, it is that which leads you to the beat of your own heart and soul that leads you to the learning and awakening.

Introduction: Herstory

The Goddess and High Magic 🌀 35,000 years ago. Matriarchal civilization and the secret knowledge of the magical energies of Mother Earth, Sun, Stars and Elements were channeled by the Elder Wise Women to the Daughters, now still woven into our modern DNA. This is Herstory: Woman’s ancient birthright of peace, creativity and family. There were no vestiges of war until 6000 years ago with the advent of warriors. Under the hand of Woman, humanity lived in peace.

The Ancient Goddess Civilizations are well documented by the late, beloved Scholar, Harvard & UCLA Professor and Archeologist, Marija Gimbutas and Brown University Scholar and Professor, Merlin Stone.

The Visionary and the Work

White Mare Sanctuary is the vision created by Rhiannon Ostara under the guidance of her sacred mentor, the late Rev. Mari Aleva, Priestess, teacher, healer, author and channeler. Through 2001 the Priestesses established an open Grove of magical, spiritual mentoring and support for and about Women, the Magical Arts of the ancient Goddess civilizations, and Woman’s innate intuitive feminine powers.

Sister, I have known you of old

On Autumn Equinox 2002, White Mare Sanctuary became a legal entity. 52 consecutive Full Moons later, the Grove had supported over 100 magical Women and Daughters on their individual magical paths. 🌹


Summer of 2005. International journalist and author, Margot Adler, called Rhiannon for permission to include White Mare Sanctuary in her book, Drawing Down The Moon. Margot’s comment: “I thank Goddess for you.”


First offered at Autumn Equinox 2002 to Women and Daughters, this study focuses on Woman’s spiritual and magical relationship with the female aspect of God-dess, the Intuitive Feminine. Open to all spiritual Paths and Beliefs. Daughters between the ages of 12 to 17 with parental permission.

It is not necessary to have any prior experience in the Magical Arts to take this course of study.

The Four Immersions and Activations

🌹Sacred Blossoming: embracing and honouring the Authentic Self

🌊Sacred Wave: discovering the Authentic Self’s birthright and gifts

🦋Sacred Wings: soaring into the Authentic Self’s dreamspace of creation

🔥Sacred Fire: birthing the dreams of the Authentic Self


Magical Aspects, Topics and Tools covered in the Immersions

• The Herstory of God as a Woman 🌹

• Goddesses 🌀

• Total Self Love and Acceptance 💗

• Yoni Empowerment; the Divine Feminine ☀️

• Becoming your Goddess Self 🌹

• Revealing your Magical Name & Sigil🕊

•Identifying your Magical Dharma/Purpose 🥰

• Creating your Magical Path💕

Gifts of the Goddess

Gifts of Ritual

• Gifts of Divination ✨

• Gifts of Magical Manifestation✨

• Gifts of Riches✨

• Gifts of Grace, Poise & Beauty✨

• Gifts of the Fine Arts✨

• Gifts of the Elements✨

• Gifts of Spiritual Guides & Angels✨

• Gifts of Channeling✨

Goddess Gifts of Healing

• Reiki Attunements✨

• Past Life Regression✨

• Inner Healing: Child & Past Lives✨

Timeline: Women study at their own pace and keep a journal. It is imperative to choose a journal and a writing instrument that you find beautiful and pleasing to your spirit. The magic of the written word will carry you on your journey with depth and soul transformation.

Lessons: Because each Woman is an individual, course material will be taught in a spiral fashion, where lessons and topics are re-visited with the Student’s growth and development.

Study Materials: Textbooks, Literature and Handouts are provided as part of course tuition

Learning materials are provided bi-monthly in the form of videos and electronic downloads. Textbooks are provided via FedEx delivery.

Live sessions may be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to provide ongoing assessment, feedback and support.

There is no such thing as a pass/fail course in spiritual growth and development. We all arrive exactly when we are supposed to.

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About Rhiannon Ostara

Mistress of the Goddess Journey

Rhiannon takes you on a journey into your Authentic Self, to discover how deeply worthy, rich and strong you really are as a Woman. She gently and energetically releases the hidden patriarchal thought forms and false beliefs in the subconscious that have bind and oppress and carries you lovingly and sincerely into the magical realm of Goddess 🌹👑✨ A spiritual, energetic dimension where Women control their destiny, make their own rules, hold their own wealth, own their power, and joyfully manifest their wants, needs and desires for themselves and their families. Rhiannon works exclusively with Women & Daughters, supporting and guiding with her unique and customized magical, metaphysical and spiritual tools. Her style and format is crafted and designed for Women to self authenticate, self actualize, remove all blockages and barriers in their psyche acquired in this incarnation and in their past lives. When working 1:1, Rhiannon’s care plans are highly individualized and carefully crafted with love and nurturing support.

Rhiannon Ostara is a hereditary priestess, seer, shaman and healer in the Celtic Alpine tradition of the Goddess from her family’s ancestral homeland in Switzerland. Her training began as a child in her great grandparents aromatherapy and healing gardens. She has been a serious student of the Magical Goddess Arts throughout her lifetime, both academically and experientially, in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom.

Her decades of work in critical care nursing and medical case management has given her the precision skills, insight, and detailed analysis necessary to identify the finer points of the human psyche and state of being, and the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical growth, health and wellness, and progression into the Authentic Self.

Rhiannon states: “This is the most gratifying work for me, and what I came into this incarnation to do. I am honoured to do this work in my lifetime. It is my spiritual calling and greatest achievement and I thank Goddess every day for bringing me this opportunity to serve.”

She currently resides in Michigan, joyfully grandmothering her beloved priestess daughter Aphrodite’s beautiful, magical toddler twins. 💕

Rhiannon & grandchild Alexandria 💕