2021: I on thy Path, O Goddess 🌹🌀

Knowledge I’ve intuited during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic:

•Pleasure is the perspective that has kept my sanity through it all.

• Natural beauty is important to the heart and soul.

Our immediate environment has a profound effect on our intuition, mood, feelings and psyche – which, in turn, affects our relationship with ourselves and others.

Identifying and implementing our personal choices of aesthetic elements of color, texture, design, sound, lighting and story that bring personal delight and pleasure is necessary for a smooth progression through homebound isolation and lack of socialization.

I chose self indulgence of my senses with a Goddess energy that brings a gentle, soothing, nurturing beauty that surrounds me. Roses and rose petals. Pastels. Pinks. Velvets. Curvilinear lines. Fragrances and perfumes of roses, bergamot and white lilac. Candle light. Music. All to invoke my inner light and smile from the inside out.

I breakfast with the scent of a long stemmed bloom of a vibrant pink, creamy white or crimson red rose on my kitchen table that mixes with the aroma of fresh pressed espresso, delighting my senses of sight, taste and smell. There is a Tea rose plant that still blooms in it’s terra cotta pot on my bedroom windowsill that, upon awakening each morning to it’s beauty, lifts my heart into the warm rays of sun. Bowls of softly curled velvet petals in every room are illuminated in candle light. Their whispers inspire me to unfold.

I wrap myself in soft pink fleece blankets and sip warm raspberry tea with clover honey, while watching reruns of Reign for the joys of beautiful dresses, glorious landscapes and well done fake sex.

I now let myself slip leisurely into long baths filled with scented oils while floral herbs float all around me, banishing the winter’s chill from my body.

Indulgences in sopranic and tenor arias of angelic voices of all genres, pop to l’opera, fills my emptiness with hope once again.

My kitchen, a long time gathering place, now mesmerizes me with the delicious scent and colour of fresh vegetable soup. Bright orange carrot, forest green haricort, and golden potato simmer in a large and heavy copper soup pot, peppered with dried garden rosemary leaves, and wanting for the warm, buttered french loaves on the cutting board beside the stove.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve on the Julian calendar.

More importantly, New Year’s Eve is my Mothers birthday.

Tonight I celebrate her. Her delicate beauty. Her fierceness. Her unforgettable spirit. Her capacity for creating beauty with refined, simple elegance she found in the natural world was a gift she shared freely to bring solace and comfort to those in need. My mother taught me where we came from. She spoke of the old family stories and secrets. Secrets about the magic in the land of our ancestors. The magic in our blood, our heritage and French Alpine european roots. She, with my grandmother, and great grandmother, told the story through their passing years until their own return to the Goddess. Tonight, I remember her stories. All of them. She would have been 93 today.

I on thy path, O Goddess. Thou, O Goddess, in my steps. 🌹

⁃ Rhiannon 🌀

Celtic Alpine European Ancestry:

Ancient ancestors of the La Tene Culture in neolithic Switzerland’s bronze age c. 450 b.c., brought their nature deities with them as they migrated and eventually dominated trade across Euro Asia until circa 1 b.c. when Rome overtook them.

The La Tene who migrated west had socio-political leaders, the Druids, who kept no written records, but rather, committed all to memory, passing the heritage down from generation to generation. They’ve left us with their designs of nature deities and sacred spirals and woven knottings laid into the metal of their warrior shields, swords, torcs, brooches, urns, bowls and jewelry. About 2500 artifacts were excavated at Lake Neuchatel, near Bern, where Archeologists date these artifacts to 1 to 2 b.c.

These same repeating patterns of curvilinear and geometric lines and spiral designs eventually made their way westward through France to insular Britain. Archaeologists continue to discover artifacts and ruins of the tribes of the ancient Celts in these lands. In addition, excavations in Sion, Switzerland, revealed megaliths dating back to 6400 b.c.

All remnants of an ancient culture who brought the love and reverence of Nature into their daily lives.

Today’s Neo-Pagan and Neo-Druid Arts carry on the old ways.

Oftentimes, we do find one another.“Sister, I have known you of old. Brother, I have known you of old.”

Blessed be 🕊🌀

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