Rhiannon Ostara, Women’s Transformational Healing 🕊️☀️🦋

Rhiannon & grandchild Alexandria 💕

Shamanic Coach, Healing Priestess, Critical Care and Neurocognitive Registered Nurse, Rhiannon takes you on a journey into your Authentic Self, to discover how deeply worthy, rich, strong and powerful you really are as a Woman. Her unique understanding of the female brain, and how we process information across the corpus calleosum, prefrontal cortex, parietal lobe and insulata so much differently than the male brain has driven her to develop a spiritual and neurocognitive specialty for and about Women, as opposed to male-based styles that are limited to the “ point A to point B” thought process. Rhiannon understands that as Women we experience our spiritual energies and process our thoughts and emotions at a deeper physical and spiritual level because of our brain structure and hormonal make up. And, she knows how to gently and energetically release the hidden thought forms and false beliefs in the subconscious that bind and oppress. Rhiannon carries you lovingly and sincerely into your own beautiful, magical realm of possibilities, freeing your heart, mind and spirit to create your dreams and visions into realities. 🌹👑✨ You will discover your own dynamic space of alignment and spiritual energies, take control of your destiny, make your own rules, create and hold your wealth, own your power, and joyfully manifest your wants, needs and desires.

Rhiannon has successfully assisted students and statesmen, priestesses, surgeons, artists, athletes, coaches, executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives, mothers and entertainers in their transformational journeys since 2002.


Personal Online Sessions with individual program development. Availability via videochat, phone, text, email.

20 Minute Introduction: Here you and Rhiannon will explore if you are a good match to work together. Cost: $00.00.

Single Sessions are 70 to 90 minutes in length. Includes one post-session check up phone call. Most times, a single session brings clearing, healing & resolution. Cost: $500.00

Session Packages 🕊️

Focus Package: 3 Live Sessions, plus 3 emails ~or~ 3 text message interactions. Cost: $1800

Concentration Package: 6 Live Sessions, plus 6 emails ~or~ 6 text message interactions. Cost: $3500.00

Synergize Package: 9 Live Sessions, plus 9 emails ~or~ 9 text message interactions. Cost: $5000.00



These 5 transformative immersion journeys will change your energy dynamic, elevate your frequency, and transcend your vibration to your highest Self and way of being. The transcendence will transform the way you feel about your Self, your Life, your Past and your Future. You will emerge into the beauty, dignity and fierceness that has always been within you, masterfully manifesting your desires without shame, guilt or fear.

The Five Sacred Transcendence Immersions

🌹Sacred Blossoming: embracing and honouring the Authentic Self

🌊Sacred Wave: discovering the Authentic Self’s birthright and gifts

🦋Sacred Wings: soaring into the Authentic Self’s dreamspace of creation

🔥Sacred Fire: birthing the dreams of the Authentic Self

🗡️Sacred Sword: taking back your Power


Rhiannon’s beautifully powerful Sacred Transcendence Immersions Package includes:

All Five Sacred Transcendence Healing Immersions 🕊️

The Five Sacred Workbooks

Five one-on-one Live Healing and Activation Sessions exclusively with Rhiannon Ostara


The Reiki I, II and III Master Level Healing Attunements (Usui 3rd generation).

and when you pay in full, you’ll receive a bonus copy of the book EMOTING EARTH. The first workbook of the Ecological Intuition series from the exclusive library of Rhiannon’s White Mare Sanctuary press.

Price: $6000 (valued at $9000)

Payment Plans are available in 2 or 4 monthly installments.


A Year and A Day Program

In this very special 12 month intensive you become Rhiannon’s private student in Priestessing and Shamanic Studies. Interviews are available by appointment.

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