Spellcasting ✨🪄

You’re always one Spell away from a totally different life.”

– Rhiannon 🌀stara

What is Spellwork?🪄

Spellwork is the application of will and intent to an idea one seeks to manifest

Hmmm, tell me more 🧐

Question: How do I do a Spell?

Answer: First, decide what it is you want to make happen. Decide what you want to manifest, create, bring forth from your desires.

Imagine it in detail. Make your mind like a film screen, and your heart like a film projector playing the scene of your desire as it is manifesting. Allow your intuition to create the script and play it out.

Keeping in mind that the more you desire something, the more you feel it emotionally and energetically in your heart and body, the easier it will appear in your mind’s eye, and the faster it will appear in everyday life. “As above, so below.”

Question: What do I use in a Spell?

Answer: The Elements – Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Ether.

Oh! 😯

Let’s talk about Earth, first.

Question: Why use herbs, grasses, flowers, leaves, bark, wood, soil, moss and crystals in Spellwork?

Answer: Earth holds the energy of life, growth, transformation, change, decay and death. We can utilize parts of the earth to give an energetic focus to our Spellwork.

Question: Why is earth energy so important in Spellwork?

Answer: Everything manifests on the earth plane. Including you.


Spellcasting in Full Moon Decans & Eclipses

Eclipse Example:

Best Opportunity 05/14/22, 11:00pm to 05/15/22, 12:30am

Spellwork during an Eclipse is intensified 3-fold.

The astrological house the eclipsed moon passes through will determine the magic and intent of greatest focus🌀

On May 14th, 2022, 6:34am EST, the Moon enters Scorpio until May 16, 5:28am, when it goes Void again.

The Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse initiates into the umbra on Saturday, May 15, 10:15pm and completes Sunday, May 16, 1:23am.

This eclipsed moon will pass through the 8th house of Scorpio. Ruled by Pluto, it is the house of the Occult, death, re-birth, regeneration, transformation, sex, money and inheritances.

Eclipse Spellwork that includes one or more of these life aspects will prosper during this time.

Plan accordingly, Witches 🌀

You can do your ritual on the Astral, using your mind & creativity to create and cast. You’ve done enough of them to do this.

Go to the Astrodeinst link: https://www.astro.com/h/pl_e.htm

click on Chart of the Moment for this view:

Each astrological house has 30 degrees.

The first 10 degrees is the 1st decan of the house.

The next 10° is the 2nd decan.

The last 10° is the 3rd decan.

As the moon moves through each of the decans, it will correlate to your Spellwork.

Cast your Spell in the 1st decan for spells that you want to grow and develop over the moon cycle.

Note: Spellcasting in the Dark (Lilith) Moon, just one day before New Moon, plants the seed of intention just as well for Spellwork.

Cast in the 2nd decan when you have to pack a powerful punch to get something done now.

Cast in the 3rd decan for Banishing, getting rid of people, things and situations in your life that you don’t want, that no longer serve you.


May the Goddess bless all your Spells 💖