☀️✨Meditation: A Winter Solstice Healing Moment🌿🕊

Winter Solstice presents the opportunity for creating a direct experience with the Spirit of Nature by conscious channeling of light through our energy centers. Our DNA helixes are light carriers that glow at various intensities, and carry light, as shown in fluoroscopic studies.

Enjoy the return of the Sun with this Solar meditation. May your be blessed with all healing, balancing and re-calibrating Solar energies.

Namaste’ 🕊

Winter Solstice Healing Meditation ☀️✨🌿

Energy / Intention:Transcendence

Yoga Candle: Healing.

Yoga Pose: Sun Pose/Surya Namaskar

Sound: Solfeggio 963Hz.(Light frequency).

Chakras: Crown / Sahasrara

Chakra Tone: OM, Keynote B.

Color: White, Sunlight.

Crystal: Clear Quartz, Selenite, Diamond

Herbal/Floral: Frankincense, Chamomile Tea.


Superresolution intrinsic fluorescence imaging of chromatin utilizing native, unmodified nucleic acids for contrast.Biqin Dong, Luay M. Almassalha, Yolanda Stypula-Cyrus, Ben E. Urban, John E. Chandler, The-Quyen Nguyen, Cheng Sun, Hao F. Zhang, and Vadim Backman. PNAS August 30, 2016 113 (35) 9716-9721; first published August 17, 2016 https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1602202113

Note: This composition was created with love and light in the planetary hour of the Sun.

@WMS. Winter Solstice 2019.☀️⚜️

✨☀️Welcoming the Spirit of Winter Solstice 🕊

The Guardian

Gothor is a white Pine tree of old who faces the north, about a meter from my Hearth. His face is old and wisened, with deep set eyes and heavy brows that emerge from weathered bark to watch over the land. Gothor reaches 15 meters up into the sky, on whose branches, birds and squirrels make their homes in nests of his cuttings, with grass and mud. The tiny creatures move in every spring, have their young, and then take leave when winter comes. It’s nigh on Winter Solstice now in the northern hemisphere, and Gothor’s branches are empty of the little ones he sheltered through to the harvest. He stands majestically in full robes of emerald green, with tinges of golden needles that fall to the dark brown Earth Mother, whom his deep roots have held firm to for hundreds of years. Gothor is intimate with the Mother Earth. His powerful roots plunge, twist, turn, spiral and swirl deep into her warm body that provides nourishment, stability and security for this ancient being who stands watch over Her through many,many moons.

I am becoming intimate with Gothor, who invites my spirit to plunge into his roots, to know Her better. I bring offerings of grain and wine and sit quietly at Gothor’s root, until my consciousness merges with this ancient one, and I follow him down to an awareness of warmth and creativity that fills me with peace and oneness. I hold this sacred space until sound brings me back up to the surface, where a white tailed Doe and her fawn nibble at the soft tree bark. She will arrive with her child from the thicket each day, knowing the abundance of Gothor and the Mother Goddess of Earth awaits her belly. And so I trust, and welcome the coming season of ice and snow squalls brought by the Nor-Easter, knowing full well, as the Doe does, that within the Circle of Nature, the birth of light is upon us, to shine with warmth and abundance once again. And I may take this opportunity to meditate and rest in the stillness, and grow a new light within my heart and spirit. Blessed be.✨💛🕊

November: Grandmother Spirit, by the crossroads meet my soul, that I may shed my old skin, embrace my own transformation, regeneration and rebirth. Carry me to the Solstice in your loving arms that I may meet the Light and slip into my new skin. And so it is! Blessed be!✨

When November comes, I pull out all the photographs of my mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, and beloved spiritual instructors and familiars who have blessed my life, who have passed over the threshold. I placed their images on my alter scattered with earth, pinecones, oak leaves, acorns, twigs and crystals. I burn candles and incense to Grandmother Spirit each night, invoking her wisdom and understanding.

During the high cross quarter of the solar cycle falling between the autumn equinox and winter solstice, Earth-based practitioners honor this celestial moment as a very spiritual time on the Wheel of the Year. Mother Earth has been birthing fruitful all summer, providing a bountiful harvest, and winter is now upon us. We dry our herbs, make jams, and store food to nourish our bodies through the coming winter. Gratitude and abundance are the prevailing celebrations, including gratitude to our ancestors, for whom we would not be here if it were not for them. Ancient Astrologers, Shamans, Magicians, Vestals and Priestesses of Delphi, considered this as a robust celestial moment for creating magic and positive change, and communing with our ancestors and spirits. Divination and seances are performed at this time, as the veil between the worlds is thinnest on this day; and those souls who passed over the threshold; family, friends and pets, are invited to return to feast with us in remembrance, love and reverence for the gifts they have brought into our lives. We celebrate the end of the agricultural year that has now ended, and release our past soul energies, memories and experiences which no longer serve us, and identify and claim our new goals and energies for the coming year to begin at Winter Solstice, with the return of the sun and lengthening of days for the next agricultural year. The old world european customs discovered by anthropologists and art historians, date back to early Agrarian societies in Celtic and Italian culture, as well as Egyptian, Native American, Mesopotamian and Aztec agrarian cultures, where the Crone-Goddess was honored as the spiritual representation of the end of the agricultural year, hence, the Grandmother Spirit we’ve come to know with her ancient wisdom for the modern age. To show gratitude for the harvest, a bit of the finest fruits, cakes, wines, ales and honeys of the harvest are lovingly placed at crossroads for her. The agrarian cultures recognize the Earth as the Mother of all of life on the planet. The agrarian phases of the Earth’s fertility; springtime planting, summer growth, and autumnal harvest, are spiritually represented as the Maiden, Mother and Crone. In celebration of the end of the agricultural year, is the Earth as Grandmother Spirit – she has done her job, raised and fed the children and grandchildren, and now rests for the winter. We thank her.

The most permaculturally potent window for spellwork alignment with Mother Earth lies within the period of soil depletion at Equinox, for here, the Earth rests at it’s lowest life vitality level, creating a perfect soil environment for beginning the growth of a new soil life cycle.

Keeping in mind that we are all creatures formed of Earth, with geological components making up the bodies we inhabit, there is a strong energy bond between the Earth and our own bodies and internal energy fields and chakras as it correlates to the Sun and planets in our own personal natal chart with the planets of the moment.

In correlation, human neurochemistry studies note the loss of sunlight increases our Melatonin – the sleep hormone. We relax, we rest more, as does the Earth’s soil vitality. It is during this rest period of Mother Earth and all her creatures that our own new spiritual cycle of growth and development is taking form, and a deep, magical re-birthing occurs within all of nature.

In the arms of Grandmother Spirit, we may shed the old skin, embrace our own transformation, regeneration and re-birth. May we welcome the re-birth of the Light gestating in our own souls, preparing for the returning Light at Solstice, and slip into our new skins. Blessed be. ✨

✨🦉Under a Dark Moon 🌑

♍️♌️Shedding Your Skin To Reveal the Child Within


Sun in Virgo, Dark moon in Leo. 🦁

The Moon. Cosmic Emotional Vibrations during this celestial turn of the Wheel allow for child-like wonder and trusting your Inner Child on their unique world stage – under a quite well organized and prioritized Virgo Sun. It can be a major transformative creative moment✨

Note*If you happen to have Pluto in the 5th, you have bonus points✨


the Druidic Salmon/Celtic Mythology.

Sun Card /Tarot Major Arcana.

✨Keepers of Light⚜️

@2019 WMS

✨☀️🦉Energy Healing, Manifesting and Permaculture from Autumn Equinox to Winter Solstice: germinating the new Solar Earth Year 2020

1. The First Energy Cycle: creating Home / Nest space.

♍️♋️Sun in Virgo, Moon in Cancer. 08/25/19 1705 hrs. through 08/27/19, 0455 hrs.

A beautiful and productive celestial moment for planning and organizing next year’s home / nest space environment: Manifest work done now for new home property acquisitions, home decor, financial support for the home, emotional and spiritual climate and the healthy boundaries of who will be in your home. Manifest your intention with a scoop of earth and bury it in your garden or earth space at Autumn Equinox. Germination will take place during Mother Earth’s restful period between AE and Winter Solstice.


Healing Craft, Manifesting  & Permaculture. @ White Mare Sanctuary 2019.⚜️🇨🇭🇺🇸


The most permaculturally potent energy window for manifest alignment with Mother Earth lies within the period of soil depletion at Equinox, for here, the Earth rests at it’s lowest life vitality level, creating a perfect soil environment for beginning the growth of a new soil life cycle.

As the Sun transits from Summer Solstice towards Autumn Equinox, September 22nd, the robust soil vitality of Mother Earth in the northern hemisphere that peaked at the Solstice prepares for it’s waneful rest between the Equinox and Winter Solstice, then makes it’s way back to bursting vitality in Spring Equinox. Geologists and adept Gardeners refer to this as Soil Vitality and analyze it by observing the soil moisture index within the Solar cycles – meaning soil quality and health changes with sun and moisture. We’ll be covering the influence of Permaculture, the study of Earth and Soil Vitality, and it’s spiritual energy that influences our individual and personal spiritual growth and development, spiritual gardens, intent and manifestation during this particular Solar cycle.

Keeping in mind that we are all creatures formed of Earth, with geological components making up the bodies we inhabit, there is a strong energy bond between the Earth and our own bodies and internal energy fields and chakras as it correlates to the Sun and planets in our own personal natal chart with the planets of the moment.

As Earth Soil Vitality peaks at Summer Solstice, so do the spiritual healing energies that affect our body, mind and spirit. We lounge in lush green meadows, stroll leisurely upon the forest floor inhaling the sweet scent of wildflowers, as our psyches are nurtured within the soft warm peace of the majestic trees all around us, and a clear azure sky above us. We feel good. We are charged with new Earth energies that we can feel within our own body. We have more energy and the joy and desire for adventure and exploration. The Earth is growing a fertile harvest, and so are we, as spirits, collectively and individually. Endocrinology studies note that at Summer Solstice, there is an increase in the follicular stimulating hormone in female animal species, and leutinizing hormone and testosterone in male species that increases fertility and reproduction. Leutinizing hormone in male deer increases from August to Autumn Equinox, reflecting the rut season. Human birthrates in northern hemispheres of Canada and Europe are highest in late winter and early spring, reflecting a high rate of conception during the period between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox.

In Permaculture soil studies, post- Autumn Equinox begins the wane from the Solstice peak of Soil Vitality, and the smallest amount of life vitality is released within the Earth’s soil. The soil’s life vitality change occurs within 24 hours of the Solstice/ Equinox.

During the time between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, the Earth’s soil life vitality is at it’s lowest. The amount of depletion corresponds to the health of the soil, how much health and life force was at it’s baseline; a healthy soil holds a higher life vitality, and may be minimally effected by the energy wane. The most potent window lies within the period of soil depletion at Equinox, for here, the Earth rests at it’s lowest life vitality level, creating a perfect soil environment for beginning the growth of a new soil life cycle.

In correlation, human neurochemistry studies note the loss of sunlight increases our Melatonin – the sleep hormone. We relax, we rest more, as does the Earth’s soil vitality. It is during this rest period of Mother Earth and all her creatures that our own new spiritual cycle of growth and development is taking form, and a deep, spiritual germination and transformation occurs.

Here comes the optimum greening opportunity! During this last burst of Solar exposure and Earth life vitality lies the window to create the fruits of our own individual and collective spiritual cycle!

Mantras, Spiritual intention and Manifesting done just prior to the quiet Permaculture window, between August and Autumn Equinox, germinates during the Equinox/Solstice period, and begins it’s growth at Winter Solstice. Inside this energy window, plant your inner and collective spiritual garden with care and mindfulness to the natural cycles of Mother Earth and Father Sun.

Blessed be the garden of your Soul!💚🌎🌞🕊✨


Wright, M. The Perelandra Garden Workbook. 2012. Photo credit.

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✨🦉Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto in the 10th house at the Cusp of Wax and Wane. 08/07/19.

Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto in the 10th house at the Cusp of Wax and Wane. A perfect celestial moment to push deep healing transformations over the edge. Excellent for releasing and healing Root and Sacral Chakra wounds. All Shadow work. ⚜️

Tip: Energy Work is optimum during the planetary hour of Mercury, 2222 to 2311hrs. EST.

Power. It’s Personal.

F9FA8C93-EBFF-434E-9644-A294C8473DBF.jpegIt was 1992, and my husband’s new work took us to the East Coast where he oversaw the 5 co-gen power plants in Manhattan, Greenwich, Boston, Baltimore, and Philadelphia to maintain EPA compliance. He was brilliant and handsome, an intellectual Leo with solid earth aspects, which is why I married him. We had long, long conversations about power. Co-gen power. Nuclear power. Solar power….and Magic.  I was a young mother and licensed professional living in Greenwich Connecticut at the time, and staying home raising a family.  We lived in an old stone house, a former tavern on the Mianus River, and had one child in kindergarten and another in the oven. There were old spirits in the house and along the forest banks of the river who presented themselves from time to time, and particularly at full moon.  They made their way from their boats on the river and into my kitchen in the wee hours of the morning. It was not unusual for me to lay in bed with the bright moonlight shining through my window and hear the kitchen door squeak open to footsteps creaking along the old wooden floors and into the kitchen. They were typically followed by the rattle of pots and pans.  If they became too ruckus and I felt my husband stirring, then I was forced out of bed and to sage and sweep them out through the front door and back to the forest river. After a while, one of them was most helpful in assisting me with my spell work. I got to know them, and they got to know me. And my husband and I continued with our conversations about power. We sat by the hearth, snuggled into the overstuffed floral chintz fireside chairs, with our toes rubbing up against each other on a shared matching ottoman. The EPA was paying close attention to the nuclear power plants in Chernobyl at the time.

”Imagine being able to harness that potential inside yourself.” He said.

“You mean, like bringing earth and sun energy into the solar chakra?”

”I’m not sure what you mean. Explain.”he challenged me.

”Use your imagination for a moment. In your mind’s eye, bring the earth energy, the co-gen energy  stored in the gas and coal created from the very center of the earth’s fire and ore, up through your feet and into your belly, and fill your solar chakra with it. Then bring the solar energy from the universe through the top of your head and down into the solar chakra and fill it with solar energy. Now, spin it. Spin it out through your entire body right into the cellular level to your DNA helix. Spin and weave the combined earth and solar energy through every level of the helix and into each protein component, illuminating each piece of genetic information. It would be a journey of self discovery.”

”I see what you’re saying.  That’s a  personal power journey, both spiritual and ancestral. That’s damned primal.”

The kitchen door squeaked open just then, and the oak floorboards creaked.

To be continued…

copyright @2019

✨🦉Meditation: 04/04/19. Dark Moon Opportunity: Aries conjunct Sun. Releasing Unconscious Baggage✨

04/04/19 Dark Moon conjunct Sun in the 1st House

Today’s Dark Moon is 3° into the first house, Aries, ruled by Mars, and conjunct to the Sun at 14°. The first house addresses the early aspects of our life and offers opportunity for spiritual and emotional re-birth.This is a powerful and aggressive dark moon in Aries, a perfect celestial moment for identifying, cleansing, clearing and releasing our unconscious emotions of fear, irrational anger, guilt and shame that haunt us, create self sabotage and generally block our paths keeping us from our true self and true purpose. It’s the unconscious baggage we carry, put upon us by others early in our life, perhaps in utero, certainly in early childhood, reaching back into past lives.
As the mind has a difficult time releasing emotions, the body releases them with ease and grace.
Perform a Dark Moon meditation by setting your intention to release your . Unconscious emotional baggage. Implement the Zazen technique of emptying your mind completely. Do this in Child Pose. Hold, stretch, repeat until you feel a sense of calm and freedom throughout your body. Trust your Self. Journal the experience directly afterwards. You have much to reflect on.

Photo credit: Chinese Lunar satellite DSLWP-B (Longjiang-2)

✨🦉Manifestation: 🌕 Full Moon Opportunity⚜️

✨02/19/19, 0947hrs. EST.

Sun in Pisces, Full Moon in Virgo ♓️🌕♍️
North node in Cancer trine Uranus in the 1st house and Pluto in the 10th house.

With the Sun conjunct Mercury in the dreamy depths of Pisces / 12th house ruled by Neptune, and the Moon gone solo within Virgo’s practical healing 6th house, ruled by Mercury, the heavens pause the Wheel for a deeply creative state of artistic and healing self-expression brought into every day life.
Here, you will discover answers on how to bring your fantasies, dreams and visions into the material, practical world for enjoyment, personal gratification and profit.

Deep reflections of personal growth and development and the politics of Soul emerges. Here we will begin significant work to transform and heal the painful illusions of personal shame and guilt experiences into bravery, courage and healthy Self love.
It’s a perfect celestial moment to sketch that portrait of your future self, or a desired outcome of a beloved project, and discover your own unique path of arrival.

Meditate on your vision. Bring it to a pinpoint in your mind’s eye and release the emotional fire of your heart’s desire into the heavens.

It’s an “As above, So below” moment! Let your Self go there!

Namaste 🕊

✨🦉Manifestation: 🌒New Moon Opportunity⚜️

✨02/04/2019, 1604hrs. EST

🌑♒️New Moon in Aquarius, Conjunct Mercury, Sun in Aquarius. Mars Trine Pluto and North Node in Cancer.

With the New Moon in Aquarius, conjunct Mercury, this is prime time to get behind the lower mind and be centered within the soul. Here you can watch from your seat of center, observing how your thoughts are creating your reality. Big love Aquarius will support you in filtering through the chaotic thoughts and memory bubbles you’ve been ruminating over and holding onto that have been creating pain and suffering in your life.

Mars Trine Pluto and North Node in Cancer provides the complement energy aspect that supports going within to your seat of soul and changing your future karma. This is a perfect celestial moment to identify the thought structures and memories and their emotional aspects that keep you in chains of fear and hold you back from joy and serenity. Observe them all from your seat of center in meditation, then open up your heart chakra wide and move through them to set yourself free. Namaste🕊