8FD4F053-B0D9-4225-9CCF-01F038809B92Elemental curriculums that follow the Wheel of the Year.

Students have the choice of the following:

  • Studying any one element at a time for it’s full solar quarter.
  • Studying the entire Wheel consecutively, from Samhain to Samhain for a year and a day. Upon completion, students are awarded a Certification in Elemental Magic.
  • Curriculums cover the study of each individual elements’ unique  aspects and applications to the following:
  • Spell Design
  • Elemental Ritual
  • Ceremonial High Magic

Certifications in:

  • Air. Begins at Samhain
  • Earth. Begins at Winter Solstice.
  • Fire. Begins at Beltaine.
  • Water. Begins at Summer Solstice.
  • Spirit. Begins at Mabon.

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