Chiron Healing Astrology

  • Chiron, the Wounded Healer. You’ve got everything it takes to Win⚜

✨Chiron Focused Astrology is a Spiritual Life Path Healing Approach 🕊
When the Sun shines on your Chiron Aspect – what do you get? A golden opportunity!

When the Sun is shining in the same astrological house as your natal Chiron, it illuminates the heavy lessons you came into this lifetime to learn, heal and fulfill – the woundings, weaknesses, behavioral challenges and struggles.
A good spiritual healing Astrologer can identify those natal wounds and glitches you were born to experience, AND show you your natal edge – your natural-born strengths and celestial strategies in your astrological arsenal to cope with and overcome them, and eventually make them work for you to achieve life excellence!

Where is your Chiron? What are your Aspects to Chiron?

12/21/17, Sun enters Capricorn. A Saturnine Dance.
The Sun shines on Chiron in the 10th House.
If your natal Chiron is in Capricorn, that’s a heavy, Saturnine, karmic aspect that presents an individual with all the tools for power and financial success on an intense learning curve. An individual’s various natal aspects will determine how those lessons play out during a lifetime with specific power gifts and challenges, hurdles to overcome and hoops to jump through.
Your individual planetary Aspects to Chiron in your natal chart are important. Think of them as the street signs on the astrological highway of your life that allow you to identify and actualize your life’s purpose. ⚜✨☀🕊

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