Self Care is our Birthright🕊

The new waxing 🌘 moon is conjuncting the Evenstar✨

01/26/2020. Sun is in Aquarius with the moon moving into Pisces at 6:44pm, and conjunct Venus. An excellent celestial moment for self-love and nurturance and healing one’s own neuroplasticity. An opportunity to leave old ways of thinking and outdated behaviors behind and creating new neural pathways of healthy roads to healthy goals, behaviors and successes with solid intent and creative visualization. Write a new childhood story, maybe the one you always wanted and never had. A birthing where your parents were aware beings, waiting for your arrival with joy, and welcoming you with love and acceptance into an environment where you are loved and appreciated for your special gifts and talents, nurtured and taught how to use them wisely. Self care is our birthright, and within our reach.

May you be Light! 🌞


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