☀️✨Meditation: A Winter Solstice Healing Moment🌿🕊

Winter Solstice presents the opportunity for creating a direct experience with the Spirit of Nature by conscious channeling of light through our energy centers. Our DNA helixes are light carriers that glow at various intensities, and carry light, as shown in fluoroscopic studies.

Enjoy the return of the Sun with this Solar meditation. May your be blessed with all healing, balancing and re-calibrating Solar energies.

Namaste’ 🕊

Winter Solstice Healing Meditation ☀️✨🌿

Energy / Intention:Transcendence

Yoga Candle: Healing.

Yoga Pose: Sun Pose/Surya Namaskar

Sound: Solfeggio 963Hz.(Light frequency).

Chakras: Crown / Sahasrara

Chakra Tone: OM, Keynote B.

Color: White, Sunlight.

Crystal: Clear Quartz, Selenite, Diamond

Herbal/Floral: Frankincense, Chamomile Tea.


Superresolution intrinsic fluorescence imaging of chromatin utilizing native, unmodified nucleic acids for contrast.Biqin Dong, Luay M. Almassalha, Yolanda Stypula-Cyrus, Ben E. Urban, John E. Chandler, The-Quyen Nguyen, Cheng Sun, Hao F. Zhang, and Vadim Backman. PNAS August 30, 2016 113 (35) 9716-9721; first published August 17, 2016 https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1602202113

Note: This composition was created with love and light in the planetary hour of the Sun.

@WMS. Winter Solstice 2019.☀️⚜️

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