✨☀️Welcoming the Spirit of Winter Solstice 🕊

The Guardian

Gothor is a white Pine tree of old who faces the north, about a meter from my Hearth. His face is old and wisened, with deep set eyes and heavy brows that emerge from weathered bark to watch over the land. Gothor reaches 15 meters up into the sky, on whose branches, birds and squirrels make their homes in nests of his cuttings, with grass and mud. The tiny creatures move in every spring, have their young, and then take leave when winter comes. It’s nigh on Winter Solstice now in the northern hemisphere, and Gothor’s branches are empty of the little ones he sheltered through to the harvest. He stands majestically in full robes of emerald green, with tinges of golden needles that fall to the dark brown Earth Mother, whom his deep roots have held firm to for hundreds of years. Gothor is intimate with the Mother Earth. His powerful roots plunge, twist, turn, spiral and swirl deep into her warm body that provides nourishment, stability and security for this ancient being who stands watch over Her through many,many moons.

I am becoming intimate with Gothor, who invites my spirit to plunge into his roots, to know Her better. I bring offerings of grain and wine and sit quietly at Gothor’s root, until my consciousness merges with this ancient one, and I follow him down to an awareness of warmth and creativity that fills me with peace and oneness. I hold this sacred space until sound brings me back up to the surface, where a white tailed Doe and her fawn nibble at the soft tree bark. She will arrive with her child from the thicket each day, knowing the abundance of Gothor and the Mother Goddess of Earth awaits her belly. And so I trust, and welcome the coming season of ice and snow squalls brought by the Nor-Easter, knowing full well, as the Doe does, that within the Circle of Nature, the birth of light is upon us, to shine with warmth and abundance once again. And I may take this opportunity to meditate and rest in the stillness, and grow a new light within my heart and spirit. Blessed be.✨💛🕊

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