☀️✨Meditation: Healing Astrology🕊 Chiron in the 12th House ♐️♓️ Tossing a Lifeline to the Diamond of Your Soul⚜️

🌿Healing Astrology🕊

03/04/18. Chiron in the 12th House Aspected to Transit of Moon in Libra🌿 Tossing a Lifeline to the Diamond of Your Soul.

Natal Chiron in Pisces ♐️ ♓️

Chiron, the Wounded Healer. You’ve got everything it takes to Win⚜️

The Sun entered Pisces on 02/21/18, bringing Chiron’s arrow into our deepest wound. Think Grail Quest here, the Fisher King’s Wound, and Root Wounding. Here, we come face to face with the root wound that has shaped who we have become. It’s nearly impossible to find, yet, when you discover it, everything in your life begins to make sense, and the healing begins. Like novocaine wearing off after a dental procedure, you begin to feel again, and find who you really are in your heart of hearts. This wounding is deep inside the heart chakra, sometimes reaching into fetal womb development time and past lives. It encompasses physical, emotional and sexual trauma. It’s the wound we hide from ourselves. The one everyone else can see, except us. It’s our total entrenchment inside the anger and pain that blinds us, makes us do the things we ask ourselves about years later and still wonder why we made the choices we made. It’s the blind compass we follow.

“She wears her wound like an oversized coat with two deep pockets; one filled with humiliation and the other with shame. Inside, a thick lining of fear presses tightly against her vulnerable skin. So tight, she barely breathes. She walks across the banks of the Okeanos River, shifting her eyes from east to west, above and below, watching for vultures and thieves that would steal what’s left of her soul. Out of the corner of her mind’s eye, she catches a glimpse of Juno, and now knowing it’s her third reincarnation, she ponders – where is the diamond of my essence?”

With Venusian Libra transiting through Chiron in Pisces we have redemption. Beauty and grace guide us through the pain, into the rocky crust lying in the center of our heart chakra. Here lies the geode of the shining diamond of our true being. Well insulated within it’s hardened shell, tempered by the fire of pain. Like a laser, the wounding has cut facets into the diamond of our soul creating a brilliant reflector of the highest vibrations of light and love. Our challenge is to clear the lower vibrations of anger that shield the pain by letting go of the source of the anger – the person, the memory, the experience that draws us back into it over and over again. The memory that makes us seethe with contempt, and fools us into believing it’s power. Once we surrender to the release, separate our Self from the connection to the source of the pain by allowing the highest vibrations of love to surround and penetrate the deep wounding, the soul healing begins, and the true Self emerges, like a shining, multifaceted diamond.

Blessed be.

Chiron in Pisces Healing Meditation ♓️

Yoga Candle: Healing.

Yoga Pose: Bhujangasana / Cobra

Music: Solfeggio 528 Hz.(Love frequency)

Chakras: Heart / Anahata

Color: Golden pink white.

Crystal: Lapis lazuli, diamond.

Energy Meditation:

Clearing deep wounding in the Heart Chakra.

Begin by encircling your self in a blue flame of protection. Set your boundaries that only positive, healing energies may come into your sacred space.

1. Make an Energy Path. Drop a golden pink white cord from above through the crown chakra. Center it through the brow, throat, heart, solar, belly chakras, down into the root chakra, and ground and anchor it into Earth’s core.

2. Focus on your heart chakra. Hidden, deep wounding is found in the center of the heart chakra. It’s covering will feel or look similar to a geode with a very hard, dense, crusted shell. Go into that center space and intuitively move around the wound. Trust your Self. Whatever thoughts, memories or persons that come up in your mind are correct. Once you identify it, focus on your energy connection to it. See that connection like a cord that keeps you tethered to it.

3. Bring the Earth’s healing abundance and nurturing energy up through the root chakra, belly chakra, solar chakra, into the heart chakra and directly to the deep wound and bath it’s hard covering in the Earth energy. The hard covering will break open. There, you will find the inner soft, pulpy wound, and the cord connection to the person, memory, or event that is the source of the pain. You’ll know it because it just feels like it’s the person or memory that you just can’t get out of your thoughts, and no matter what you do, it comes back to you, like a boomerang, bringing an intense anger and injustice with it.

4. Bring a laser beam of golden pink white light from above through the crown, brow and throat chakras into the heart chakra and disintegrate the cord connection with the laser light, breaking the connection between your life energy and the energy of the pain source.

5. Now, let it go. Open and spin the heart chakra, releasing the cord connection’s cosmic dust into Mother Earth.

6. Spin the golden pink white light through the heart chakra. It’s the highest vibration of Love. Center it into the soft, pulpy wound, where it will heal and transform the wounding into pure Love, like a dove of peace, releasing all the lower vibrations of anger and pain that have been trapped inside the heart.

7. Move the light from the heart chakra into the brow chakra, spinning it through the pineal gland, where it will heal and cleanse the perseverating memories that trigger the anger and pain.

8. Now move the light from the heart chakra into the solar chakra, spinning the healing light through the body, through the DNA helix, transforming the body on a cellular level, neutralizing the anger, pain and suffering memories held in the body.

9. Go back to the heart chakra and send a connection cord of white golden pink light into Source Energy and All Love. Fill your whole Self – mind, heart, body and spirit with this highest vibration of Love.

10. Look into your heart chakra now, at the soft, pulpy core and bring Source Energy into it, clearing away the pulp and, like a laser beam, faceting the diamond of Self to shine bright, reflecting your soul essence. Here, you find who you really are, unmasked from anger, pain and suffering. The real you that existed long before the deep wounding occurred, is now revealed. Stay in the moment with your core being and Love’s highest vibration. Heal and nurture your Self with Loving kindness within the blue flame circle of protection all around you. Blessed be.


When the Sun shines on your Chiron Aspect – what do you get? A golden opportunity!

When the Sun is shining in the same astrological house as your natal Chiron, it illuminates the heavy lessons you came into this lifetime to learn, heal and fulfill – the woundings, weaknesses, behavioral challenges and struggles.

A good spiritual healing Astrologer can identify those natal wounds and glitches you were born to experience, AND show you your natal edge – your natural-born strengths and celestial strategies in your astrological arsenal to cope with and overcome them, and eventually make them work for you. Where is your Chiron? What are your Aspects to Chiron?

An individual’s various natal aspects will determine how those lessons play out during a lifetime with specific power gifts and challenges, hurdles to overcome and hoops to jump through.

Your individual planetary Aspects to Chiron in your natal chart are important. Think of them as the street signs on the astrological highway of your life that allow you to identify and actualize your life’s purpose. ⚜️✨☀️🕊


Reference: Motherpeace Tarot (Noble, Vogel. HarperCollins 1981) is the official tarot of White Mare Sanctuary.

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