☀️✨Meditation: Healing Astrology🕊 02/11/18. Chiron in the 11th House Aspected to Transit of Moon in Capricorn🕊

🌿 Healing Astrology🕊
02/11/18. Chiron in the 11th House Aspected to Transit of Moon in Capricorn🌿

Natal Chiron in Aquarius ♐️♒️
Chiron, the Wounded Healer. You’ve got everything it takes to Win⚜️

During this interim, we continue our work with Chiron in the 11th House, Aquarius. Currently, the Moon is transiting through Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. This is an opportune celestial moment for the individual with Chiron in the 11th House to adopt and manifest a powerfully focused and grounded healing of self-mastery. Here, in the Capricorn Moon, lies the energetic opportunity to make sense of childhood wounding that left the Chiron in Aquarius child feeling alone, abandoned, and misunderstood. Today, the healing light of Saturnine Source energy illuminates and showcases your uniqueness, creating fertile grounding to sort through early feelings of isolation, of feeling different and an outsider, which may have had the greatest intensity of impact during adolescence. During this Capricorn moon transit, Meditation combined with creative expression will allow the Aquarian in Chiron individual a moment of intense, focused grounding. It allows for a healthy, balanced objective perspective required to make sense of those woundings, memories and feelings. It’s prime time for automatic writing, journaling, poetic expression, drawing, painting, clay sculpture, intuitive dance, drumming, musical compositions – creative acts that intuitively organize and express those woundings into visual and auditory works, releasing the self-limiting energies held within the psyche and Soul into the nurturing, healing arms of Mother Earth.
Blessed be.🕊

The Chiron in Aquarius Mother-Child wounding origins in early childhood correlates well to Erickson’s developmental stage of ages 18 months to 3 years, Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt. When Mother criticized or overprotects the Chiron in Aquarius toddler from their spiritual insights, who’s divine mission is to channel the highest ideals and creativity from Source to help and heal mankind, the animals and the planet with big, universal love – this invalidates your purpose and mission, and the seed of self-doubt get planted and rooted in the psyche, and the tape plays over and over again that you’re just not enough, not good enough, not something-or-other enough, and quashes the spirit of self-autonomy and self-awareness that opens and allows Source awareness and genius. Go with this intuitively. Go with the first Mother-Child related wounding memory and trust your Self. Healing this memory will give clarity to your purpose, and allow greater self integrity and autonomy. ⚜️

🕊Chiron in Aquarius Healing Meditation ♒️
Yoga Candle: Healing.
Yoga Pose: Anahatasana (subscapular meridian release).
Music: Solfeggio FA 639 Hz.
Chakras: Ajna/ Brow, Anahata/Heart.
Color: Green.
Crystal: Amethyst, Clear. Quartz with Emerald, Malachite.
Herb/Flower: Yarrow.

Energy Meditation:
Clearing and connecting the Brow and Heart Chakras.
1. Make an Energy Path.Drop a golden cord from above through the crown chakra. Center it through the brow, throat, heart, solar, belly chakras, down into the root chakra, and ground and anchor it into Earth’s core.
2. Focus on your heart chakra. Look for your inner child and acknowledge her feelings of loneliness. Whatever comes up, trust it. Identify it. Unresolved childhood pain and rejection show up here.
3. Focus on your brow chakra. Look for inner child memories where your visions and thoughts were mocked, ridiculed, and/or rejected.
4. Activate the golden cord light so it emanates out 10 feet around you like your in a big, golden egg of light, and spin the heart chakra with the color green. Then, release the memory and it’s negative feelings and drop out of the brow chakra down the golden cord into the heart chakra.
5. Identify the loneliness and rejection feelings of not being enough in the heart chakra and how the memory and message from the brow chakra correlates with it.
6. Spin the color green in the heart chakra and release the negative feelings, thoughts and memories all into the Earth’s core.
7. Bring stabilizing core Earth energy up through the golden cord back up through all the chakras into the crown, and spill it into your auric space, reaching out 10 feet around you.
8. Go back to the heart chakra and begin a vocal tone from the center of your chest. Let the tone vibration rise up into your brow chakra while visualizing your heart chakra streaming the healing green light into your brow chakra, and illuminating through the brow chakra and connecting to Source. Know that your inner child heart is healed and one with Source, and you are now safe to bring your divine message and visions to the world. (Think the Star card in Tarot. Having healed the wounded child with the healing waters of Aquarius, the heart is free to connect with others and shine the same light as Source and Stars on her Self and humanity.) Blessed be.


When the Sun shines on your Chiron Aspect – what do you get? A golden opportunity!
When the Sun is shining in the same astrological house as your natal Chiron, it illuminates the heavy lessons you came into this lifetime to learn, heal and fulfill – the woundings, weaknesses, behavioral challenges and struggles.
A good spiritual healing Astrologer can identify those natal wounds and glitches you were born to experience, AND show you your natal edge – your natural-born strengths and celestial strategies in your astrological arsenal to cope with and overcome them, and eventually make them work for you. Where is your Chiron? What are your Aspects to Chiron?
An individual’s various natal aspects will determine how those lessons play out during a lifetime with specific power gifts and challenges, hurdles to overcome and hoops to jump through.
Your individual planetary Aspects to Chiron in your natal chart are important. Think of them as the street signs on the astrological highway of your life that allow you to identify and actualize your life’s purpose. ⚜️✨☀️🕊


Reference: Motherpeace Tarot (Noble, Vogel. HarperCollins 1981) is the official tarot of White Mare Sanctuary.


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