🌿 Manifestation: Healing Astrology 🕊 01/14/18. Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Sagittarius. Abundance Clearing for the New Moon, 01/16/18.⚜️


🌿 Healing Astrology 🕊/14/18. Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Sagittarius.

Father Saturn takes a youthful, philosophically innovative Jupiter by the hand and points the way to a new path on nature’s Wheel to the New Moon on 01/16/18.turnine direction is essential for new beginnings, as this celestial energy brings form and structure to our exciting new visions and goals that emerged during Winter Solstice. It allows for the identification and development of both short and long term goals by identifying the actions and measurable criteria we’ll need to arrive.piter adds a touch of philosophical whimsy and a carefree feeling to inspire new, innovative, creative thoughts and ideas that dress up Saturn’s solid understructure with a flair of innovative freedom. With Jupiter’s Moon on board today, get out your planner and start doodling. Play with a little automatic writing, trust your subconscious voice to bring something practical and fun into your life plan that will give you the security and stability that your root chakra craves, that also brings creative expression to your heart and soul.brfect celestial healing moment for working with throat and root chakra clearings to release creative expression and abundance blockages and welcome a fun, new vibe for long term stability and security into your psyche.
Candle: Healing.se: Vissudha.Solfeggio 741 Hz.s: Vissudha / Throat, Muladhara/RootBluel: Lapis, Turquoise, with Garnet or Ruby.

Energy Meditation:ng and connecting the Throat and Root Chakras.e an Energy Path.Drop a golden cord from above through the crown chakra. Center it through the brow, throat, heart, solar, belly chakras, down into the root chakra, and ground and anchor it into Earth’s core.us on your root chakra. Look for fear and a feeling of not having enough. Whatever comes up, trust it. Identify it. Unresolved childhood fears show up here.us on your throat chakra. Look for inner child memories where your creativity and playful spirit was left feeling quashed, ridiculed, choked up.ivate the golden cord light so it emanates out 10 feet around you like your in a big, golden egg of light, and spin the throat chakra with the color blue. Then, release the memory and it’s negative feelings and drop out of the throat chakra down the golden cord into the root chakra.ntify the fear and feelings on not having or being enough in the root chakra and how the memory and message from the throat chakra correlates with it.n the color blue in the root chakra and release the negative feelings, thoughts and memories all into the Earth’s core.ng stabilizing core Earth energy up through the golden cord back up through all the chakras into the crown, and spill it into your auric space, reaching out 10 feet around you.back to the root chakra and begin a vocal tone from it. Let the tone vibration rise into your throat chakra and open your mouth. Visualize your creativity energy being released into your life plan’s structure like and walking your true path. (Think the Fool card in Tarot. Having gone full circle from the World, the Fool understands, like the academy trained artist, to return to the spontaneous creativity of youth to re-capture the source of their power and creativity.). Blessed be. 🕊

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